Administration Programs and Services

Chapter 4, Pennsylvania School Code
NEIU facilitates support related to school districts’ compliance with Chapter 4 of the Pennsylvania School Code. Specialists are available to facilitate professional development with administrators and teachers related to Chapter 4.

Curriculum Development/Planned Instruction K-12
Using a “design down” approach to curriculum development, curriculum specialists across all networks help committees of educators write planned instruction. Staff development focuses on graduation requirements, standards, and assessments. This service is provided on-site to the districts

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Review Process
On-site, collaborative review of school’s teaching and learning program is facilitated by a team of approximately educators and administrators representing local school districts across Northeastern Pennsylvania. This process focuses on student achievement data, alignment among elements of the standards aligned system, and root cause analysis. The culmination of this process is the development of a collaborative action plan prioritize actions that may serve to advance student achievement goals. Educators participating in this program must recommended by an administrator and participate in all elements of evaluation process.

Curriculum Network
This program is open to superintendents, assistant superintendents, administrators, and curriculum coordinators from school districts serves.Meetings are held four times a year. The purpose of this network is to provide members a forum to discuss state and local programs related to curriculum, instruction, assessment and professional development.The agenda is divided into three segments: focus groups, speakers, and open forum. Communication between meetings allows members to remain informed of policy reports regarding curriculum and announcements of upcoming programs.

Data Days & PA Data Management Tools
Data Days and facilitation of professional development related to PA data tools are facilitated to assist district or building level leadership teams disaggregate and analyze student achievement, program, perception and demographic data. Using information gathering tools that assess student achievement, teams identify and prioritize goals, design specific strategies and criteria to guide instructional practice and promote overall school improvement.

eStrategic Planning
The NEIU partners with districts to provide support and training needed to prepare an effective, data informed strategic plan. This process will contribute to the cultivation of a quality-learning environment and enhance a districts capacity to address the needs of all stakeholders, ultimately contributing to the improvement of the school.

Getting Results! School Improvement Planning
A study group meets several times year to learn the regulations, and how to use the strategic plan website. Staff from Pennsylvania Department of Education attend regularly via teleconferences.

Online Surveys
NEIU works directly with school districts interested in collecting data to inform decision-making processes within the educational system. Through in-house consultation, NEIU designs and administers online surveys addressing a variety of topics and criteria. Additionally, reports are generated to summarize data findings, providing support for meaningful change in the curricular, financial, or community-minded areas of education.

Response to Instruction and Intervention
RtII is a data driven 3-tiered system of service delivery that integrates general, remedial and special education.It enables early identification and intervention for students at academic or behavioral risk.The use of instruction and intervention that has been demonstrated through scientific research and practice to produce high learning rates is emphasized.The goal of NEIU is to work with each school in an individualized manner related to readiness. NEIU will provide resources, information and planning time to assist schools in achieving RtII goals.On site technical support may be scheduled to assist individual teams in developing and implementing their action plans.