Community and Student Outreach


NEIU Academic Challenge

The Academic Challenge program is an academic competition for high school seniors. Teams participate in two competitions to determine who will move on to the semi-finals. The top three teams compete in a final competition and are honored at the annual Scholar of the Year banquet.


Mock Interview Day

Students participate in a one-day mock interview program in which volunteers from human resource departments of business and industry conduct interviews. Students are afforded the opportunity to participate in multiple interviews. Professionals provide students with feedback from the interviewers. Students participate in pre-and post-program workshops with educators within their school districts to prepare for the mock interviews and to evaluate the experience. This program provides students and educators with the knowledge necessary to be successful in an interview.


Scholastic Scrimmage

Scholastic Scrimmage is a high school academic competition sponsored filmed at the WVIA studios in cooperation with NEIU. Four high school students per team compete using a Jeopardy style competition.

Two teams compete in each match to test the students’ knowledge of factual information in social studies, language arts, mathematics, science, and the arts and humanities. The team with the highest number of points at the end of the competition advances to the next round.


Scholar of the Year

The Scholar of the Year program is sponsored by the Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit and WUSR (99.5 FM) of the University of Scranton’s Department of Communications. The program offers school districts the opportunity to select one high school senior who exhibits academic excellence to be selected as ‘Scholar of the Year’, to represent their school district. The student, accompanied by a school official, is interviewed for a radio broadcast and honored at the “Scholar of the Year” awards banquet held in May. All public and non-public high schools participate in this program.