Educational Technology Programs and Services

Discovery Education Streaming
The Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit will contract with Discovery Education for streaming services through the Pennsylvania Association of Intermediate Units (PAIU). Discovery Education streaming is a digital video-on-demand and online teaching service to help improve students’ retention and test scores. The K–12 digital media library contains regularly updated multimedia content for all subjects. Segmented and fully and easily searchable, these resources integrate seamlessly into any curriculum. All content correlates to state K–12 curriculum standards.
Educational Technology Plan
The NEIU partners with other educational professionals to develop a long-term technology plan that will enhance student learning and achievement. The creation of this plan will allow the systems to realize efficiencies in leadership operations to increase communications and access to information available within our schools and communities. This planning process focuses on the development of an action plan that reflects the NEIU’s mission, facilitates exploration of technological options, and incorporates professional development and technology staff requirements.
Equipment on Loan
In an effort to support technology integration into curriculum, NEIU has developed the Equipment on Loan program. Technology trunks containing a laptop, projector, and smart board, are available to teachers on a monthly loan basis. Teachers are required to attend a hands-on workshop before being eligible to borrow these technology tools.
ICTracker Curriculum Mapping
ICTracker allows individual teachers to input data concerning the actual curriculum they are teaching in their classrooms. It is essentially a teacher tool that enables the teacher to see “the big picture” by viewing other teachers’ curricular maps and checking for redundancies and gaps. The composite of each teacher’s map in a district provides efficient access to a K-12 curriculum perspective both vertically and horizontally (Jacobs 1997). Therefore, it will allow administrators and teachers to make informed decisions about curriculum updates and revisions and ensure that the curriculum being taught is aligned with the Pennsylvania State Standards. NEIU offers support and training for ICTracker.
Media Resource Library
NEIU offers a lending library of electronic resources and printed materials aimed at supporting a standards-based curriculum. Currently, this library consists of videotapes, and laser discs referenced to academic standards. All materials which reference the academic standards are aligned with the PA Academic Standards. This information is available on-line at
NEIU also has traveling trunks supplemental lessons and materials for educators developed by Northeast Pennsylvania Area Health Education Center (NEPA AHEC) including:
-Health and the Human Body Traveling Trunk
This trunk includes a variety of materials and lessons focusing on the human body. Non-toxic glow-germs, a black light and a hand-washing lesson are included. There is a microscope with prepared slides. You will even find a stethoscope! Water, Water, Everywhere Traveling Trunk
Whether you teach K-3 or 4-6, you will find something in this trunk for you. Do you want your students to understand evaporation, condensation and precipitation? Students will enjoy making a simple bead bracelet to remember terminology. Explore water displacement while learning to measure and calculate.-The Metamorphosis of a Silkworm Traveling Trunk
This hands-on kit includes unique visual and sensory materials, including a real display of the silkworm as eggs on a mulberry leaf, as a long caterpillar, as a cocoon and as a real moth! Plus, the children can hold and touch real silk cocoons.

-One Two Buckle My Shoe, Three Four Out the Door!
(Traveling trunk made possible with a Scranton Chamber of Commerce Skills in Scranton Grant)
Looking to encourage physical activity and nutrition awareness? Want to increase student awareness of health careers? Highlights of materials include: 25 pedometers, a set of chronic challenge glasses, yarn balls, heart meter, videos and posters.

-Color Me Healthy
This is a nutrition and physical activity program developed to reach pre-school and early elementary school children with fun, interactive learning opportunities on physical activity and healthy eating. Color Me Healthy stimulates all of the senses of young children: touch, smell, sight, sound and taste.

eLearning has the potential to significantly enrich a school’s curriculum, provide students with technology-rich learning experience, and enable them to learn from students from all over the world. Online learning will become more prevalent as students look for alternatives and more flexible means of receiving an education.
With funds received from the Aligning Curriculum to Standards (ACTS) in PA Grant, NEIU purchased an “IU-wide” license of eSchool Builder for online course management. eSchool Builder is the first and only course management system to be developed for K-12 educators by K-12 educators. This customizable tool makes it possible for anyone to create, edit and maintain course web sites without the need for HTML knowledge or programming expertise. Included in eSchool Builder is an additional dynamic web application that allows schools and organizations to create and manage a sophisticated online course catalog and registration system.
Northeastern Pennsylvania Wide Area Network (NEPA WAN)
Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit 19 and Luzerne Intermediate Unit 18 have partnered to administer a multi-year effort to improve the region’s technology infrastructure. This project will provide high-speed connectivity that will foster collaboration and sharing of instructional resources among districts throughout the northeast. In addition, this project will provide affordable broadband connectivity to area business and residential communities where services were previously non-existent. Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit, Luzerne Intermediate Unit, Colonial Intermediate Unit, along with 38 school districts and 6 vocational/technical schools, were awarded E-Fund grant dollars over a three-year period. E-Fund dollars were awarded to assist in financing technical support for the WAN, telecommunications services, as well as the purchase and development of instructional content.
In addition, NEIU will offer a number of support services for the consortia members such as email and web hosting, content filtering and domain name services.Online Surveys
NEIU works directly with school districts interested in collecting data to inform decision-making processes within the educational system. Through in-house consultation, NEIU designs and administers online surveys addressing a variety of topics and criteria. Additionally, reports are generated to summarize data findings, providing support for meaningful change in the curricular, financial, or community-minded areas of education.

Pennsylvania High School Computer Fair/Pennsylvania Middle School Computer Fair
In an ongoing effort to promote technology use in our districts, the NEIU annually sponsors the Pennsylvania High School Computer Fair and the Pennsylvania Middle School Computer Fair. Students from school districts located across the state participate in these events. This fair highlights Pennsylvania students’ application skills and computer knowledge. Students can create projects in various categories, which are judged by a panel of computer professionals. Prizes are awarded to the students to the top three projects in each category. The top prize winner in each category advances to the state competition.
Technology Center for Information/Service
In order to provide effective operation of a wide area network, NEIU works with area school districts to maintain open communication regarding the latest technology available, system configurations, hardware/software upgrades, and on-site consultations. These same services are offered in support of local area networks. NEIU maintains a number of servers that provide district support and classroom related programs
Technology Coordinators Group
An active technology coordinators group meets quarterly throughout the school year. The group works with NEIU to collaborate on various projects, share concerns common to schools and to increase the knowledge of school districts in the areas of instructional technology.Technology Integration Mentors (TIMS)
Technology Integration Mentors is a reform project designed to change instructional practice in classrooms and to increase student attendance and achievement. This program promotes a system-wide initiative to create technology-rich instructional settings to foster 21st Century skills and prepare students for career and college.

Technology Workshops
New technologies are quickly emerging in education. Educators need to be aware of these technologies and have a basic understanding of how to use them. These workshops focus on hardware and software and their classroom applications. Such workshops include, but are not limited to, i-SAFE America, netTrekker d.i., and the Classroom Performance System (CPS).
Virtually Linking Instruction and Curriculum (VLINC)
Virtually Linking Instruction and Curriculum (VLINC) is a cyber services program that enables students to remain enrolled in their home districts. The Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit offers VLINC to member districts as a collaborative partnership to help meet the ever-changing demands of education and cyber learning in their districts. All courses are taught by Highly Qualified Teachers and are aligned with Pennsylvania State Academic Standards. VLINC allows students to take online courses while still receiving a diploma from their home school districts. Students can complete coursework entirely online or can take certain courses online and complete remaining curriculum requirements at school. VLINC enables the Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit to meet the 21st century learning needs of participating districts
Professional Development Series On DVD
The mission of NEIU is to provide timely and high quality professional development for our member districts. To support this mission, NEIU in partnership with WVIA is in the process of developing a series of professional development in DVD format. These DVDs are 42 minutes to 1 hour in length. Their purpose is twofold: To supplement the professional development workshops, presentations, and seminars held at NEIU. To provide an extension of the NEIU professional development experience to a time and place convenient to the district.
The following titles are available. If you are interested in any of the topics listed below for a staff meeting, study group, etc., contact the individuals listed below for a copy of the DVD and accompanying materials. ACT 48 hours will be submitted when a list of participants is returned to the contact person.