Human Resources Programs and Services

Furnish applications, compile responses to position openings and newly created jobs and fill such positions according to seniority and qualifications. Provide Business Office with personnel and payroll changes per board meeting agenda. Maintain individual files for all employees to hold pertinent information; such as, applications, Act 34 clearance, teaching certificate, transcripts, contracts, evaluations, salary, beneficiaries, etc. Review Intermediate Unit policies, as well as contractual agreements, with employees concerning leaves, teaching certification, benefits, retirement, salary categories, etc.

Employee Benefits
Enroll active employees in health, disability and life insurances and update, as necessary, beneficiaries due to marriage, birth, divorce and death. Bill individual departments for monthly premiums and remit to insurance agencies. Provide insurance agencies with monthly report of type and amount of coverage for each employee. Advise and assist employees about coverage information and claim preparation.

Employee Attendance
Track, record and notify employees of sick, personal, and vacation entitlement. Establish and follow procedures set forth by the Family Leave Act of 1993.

Professional Certification
Prepare, check transcripts and assimilate papers for permanent certificate, master’s equivalency, supervisor, etc. File with Bureau of Teacher Certification, record certificate in log and place copy in file. Adjust on pay scale.

Seniority Lists
Provide updated list for the administration of special education teachers, teacher assistants and secretaries indicating years of service and rank.

Bureau of National Affairs Reference
Maintain information on personnel, employment practices, wages and hours, compensation and labor laws.

Personnel Reports
Complete annual report on professional and non-professional employees for Department of Education.

Worker’s Compensation
Monitor claims on a weekly basis with Claims Management and rehabilitative agencies. Assist in placement of employees requiring light duty or return to full time position.

Contract Negotiations
Compile, update and maintain board proposals during negotiations with teachers, teacher assistants and secretaries.

Verification of Employment
Provide information to banks, etc., concerning name, address, salary, starting date and status of employment.

Liaison with Outside Agencies
The NEIU acts as liaison with the Bureau of Teacher Certification, Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Sun Life of Canada, PSERS, Claims Management, and others.

Document Resource
Obtain and have available for other departments and school districts, Act 34 State Police and FBI background check forms, application for Professional certificate forms, nomination of beneficiary forms for PSERS, health claim forms and leave of absence forms. Applications for employment and benefits are also distributed from this department.

Health Consortium
On July 1999 the Intermediate Unit 19 Health Consortium Trust was formed. Its goal is to stabilize health care costs for the IU and our member school districts. Since that time a positive working relationship with insurance carriers has greatly improved. In its short period of existence, the Trust through the efforts of IU 19 has generated substantial refunds to our member school districts. The role of the Intermediate Unit is to:

  • Develop short and long term strategies to achieve further cost savings.
  • Collect all premiums and submit one payment to the Health Insurance carrier and one to the Consulting firm.
  • Disseminate all reports and refunds to Subscribing School Districts.
  • Maintain accounts at financial institutions insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
  • Keep accurate books of accounts, which shall show all receipts and expenditures and complete records of the operation of the Trust.

Act 48
Act 48 requires persons holding Pennsylvania professional educator certification to complete continuing education requirements every five years in order to maintain their certification as active.  The role of the NEIU is as follows:

  • Maintain records of each Professional Educators completion of qualifying credits and hours. Make available the above information to both educators and Chief Administrators. Consult and provide technical assistance for member districts regarding Act 48 requirements. Consult with educators individually and collectively, concerning requirements.
  • Communicate with PDE regarding all aspects of Act 48.
  • Organize correspondence with PDE regarding rules and responsibility.
  • Prepare, disseminate, and maintain all in-service programs and information.

Guest Teacher Program
The NEIU initiated the Guest Teacher Program to help alleviate the shortage of substitute teachers within its geographic area. With the cooperation and collaboration of our 20 member school districts, the program targets the recruitment, training, and issuance of Emergency Permits to persons who presently have a Bachelor’s degree to become substitute teachers. The Guest Teacher program has been approved by the Secretary of Education and receives support and assistance from the Bureau of Teacher Certification and Preparation.

Digitalization of Records
Oversee the installation and operation of DocStar. This electronic filing system stores and retrieves paper documents.