Special Education

Special Education
The Special Education Department provides services and programs to meet the needs of its twenty member school districts. These may be directly operated by the Intermediate Unit or may supplement existing district-operated special education programs.

Programs directly operated by the Intermediate Unit on a fee-for-service basis include: Multi-Handicapped, Life Skills and, Learning Support, Physical Support, Autistic Support, Speech/Language, Vision, and Hearing Support, and Special Vocational Support.

Supplementary services are provided to constituent school districts to enhance the delivery of special education programs.

These include: Child Accounting, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Psychological Services, Supervision, Technical Assistance, CSPD Support Orientation/Mobility, Case Management, Social Work Services and Nursing Services.

Early Intervention Programs and Services are furnished directly to eligible youngsters 3 to 5 years of age. These services, coupled with the programs for school-age youngsters and the Intermediate Unit’s commitment to extend district’s special education capabilities, have served to enhance educational opportunities that are available for all disabled youngsters in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Personnel Contacts

Kelly Dickey, Director of Special Education

Doreen Huchenski, Confidential Secretary

Special Education Supervisors

Gena Bensinger, Learning Campus, Dunmore, Principal

BT Lively, TAC

Kristin Samsell, Learning Campus, Dickson City, Principal