Special Education Programs and Services

Special EducationAutistic Support
Direct instructional programs that have been designed to meet the needs of students with impairment in two or more of the following areas: reciprocal social interaction, communication and imagination activity, markedly restricted repertoire of activities and interests, and abnormal or inconsistent responses to sensory stimuli.

Child Accounting Services
Maintaining information needed to satisfy federal, state and local requirements for the more than 7,000 special education students served by NEIU and district programs. Federal and state requirements are met using the PennData system put in place by the Department of Education; with the IU acting as liaison to insure that all student records are current and accurate. There are over fifty data items required for each student at the state level. Information on students in IU classes is for planning, reporting and billing purposes.

Emotional Support
Direct instructional programs designed to meet the behavioral and academic needs of students experiencing emotional difficulties.

Life Skills Support
Direct instructional programs designed to meet the needs of students whose primary focus is on the development of independent living skills.

Multiple Disabilities Support
Students benefit from exposure to a variety of teaching and learning techniques to develop a wide array of skills. For students with multiple disabilities, it is important to provide a range of experiences and strategies, while also trying to be consistent in the structure, materials, and vocabulary. Our instructional programs are designed to meet the very diverse needs of our students. Necessary accommodations and/or modifications are provided to give each student easy access to the curriculum. Teaching materials are differentiated according to skill allowing each student to participate learn and grow.

Nursing Services
Related services designed to meet the school health needs of our students so that they may benefit from their special education programs.

Psychological Services
Designed to meet the needs of students by obtaining, integrating and interpreting information about their behavior and conditions related to learning.

Social Work
Services designed to meet the affective needs of students.

Provided to ensure effectiveness of special education programs directly operated by the Intermediate Unit.

Training and Consultation (TaC)
Designed to support the professional development needs of general and special education teachers, administrators and paraprofessionals in order to develop and/or enhance site-based capacity in the areas of Federal and State Mandates, Inclusion Programs, Instruction, Assessment, Academic Standards, Alternative Assessment, Service Learning, Graduation Projects, Inter-agency Coordination, The Cordaro Project, Developmentally Appropriate Practices and in all aspects of the Transition of Students from School to the Community,Work, or Post Secondary Education.

Technical Assistance
Services provided to district-operated special education programs to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.