Special Education and Early Intervention Personnel Contacts

Special Education


Kelly Dickey, Director of Special Education

Jolene Maros, Confidential Secretary                                                   (570) 876-9215

Special Education Supervisors

Gena Bensinger, Supervisor of Special Education                             (570) 343-6200
Molly Weber, Acting Assistant Supervisor of Special Education      (570) 343-6200

Secretary: Amy Alexander

Building: NEIU Learning Campus

Programs: School-Based Multiple Disabilities Support, Transition Programs, Center Based Autistic Support, Center Based Emotional Support, Center Based Life Skills Support, Center Based Multiple Disabilities Support

Related Services: Teachers of the Hearing Impaired, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Teachers of the Visually Impaired, Orientation and Mobility, Physical Therapy, Social Work


Kristin Strong, Training and Consultation                                           (570) 876-9232

Initiatives: Response to Intervention (including Reading, Math, and Progress Monitoring; Inclusive Practices/Least Restrictive Environment; Autism; Behavior Support; Assistive Technology; Interagency Coordination/Transition; Parent Information and Training

Early Intervention

Colleen Penzone, Director of Early Intervention, Confidential Secretary

Joanne Esterline, Preschool EI Service Coordinator                            (570) 876-9219

Marcie Marquez Young, Preschool EI Service Coordinator               (570) 876-9227

Ann Walker, Preschool EI Service Coordinator                                    (570) 876-9216

Cathie Wiedman, Preschool EI Secretary                                             (570) 876-9260

Maria Zielinski, Preschool EI Secretary                                                 (570) 876-9271

Robin Ploskonka, EI Secretary (Chestnut St.)                                       (570) 343-6200