17 Jan

iCreate in Action: STEM Learning at Dunmore SD

The NEIU iCreate Program is designed to bring STEM opportunities to students throughout the IU19 region, so our team was thrilled to recently work with Dunmore School District 5th graders to do just that.

In a hybrid learning environment, students were taught the steps of the engineering design process and used that process to solve the problem of removing snow from an area using the given supplies and a Sphero robot as the engine. The supplies included rubber bands, pipe cleaners, a styrofoam plate, a 8 count box of crayons, a piece of cardboard, wire and masking tape. In groups students worked as a team to produce a prototype which could be attached to a Sphero robot and remove snow (cotton balls) from an area. This is one of our iCreate lessons that we can do with classes.

Check out addition images of the project on the Dunmore School District website.

This is just one sample of an iCreate lesson that our team can conduct with your students. Interested in bringing STEM activities to your school? Contact us for additional information.