Mission Statement


Intermediate Unit Mission Statement

The mission of the Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit (NEIU) is to provide innovative leadership through programs and services by presenting cost-effective and efficient processes to our school districts and communities as they strive to educate all students.


To enhance our schools’ capacities to advance equal and equitable teaching and learning opportunities for all children so they can learn what matters most.

As the vision provides a constancy of purpose, the NEIU business strategies are to:

    1. Provide cost effective products, programs, and services.
    2. Improve the quality of products, programs, and services continuously.
    3. Increase productivity, i.e., timelines of service, volume of work, collaboration within and across NEIU networks/departments, communicating with clients, etc.
    4. Locate and implement new opportunities for growth, i.e., doing the right things at NEIU right!


As we strive to accomplish the mission of the Intermediate Unit, five (5) governing values drive the efforts of the Board and its employees:

    1. We value education as a process for change. We have the vision to anticipate change and provide creative, resourceful leadership to adapt.
    2. We value being responsive and accountable to the needs of the community by providing a range of quality products and services at a competitive cost.
    3. We value the individual differences and abilities of people to work cooperatively to achieve common goals.
    4. We value our employees, their abilities and their continued development.
    5. We value creditability and believe ongoing evaluation is necessary to monitor quality and goal attainment.


Seven (7) objectives have been developed through the strategic planning process that will guide the Intermediate Unit action planning. These objectives are an integral part of the Intermediate Unit action planning and operations and are the responsibility of the Executive Director and Intermediate Unit employees:

    1. NEIU will develop and provide professional development programs.
    2. NEIU will develop and integrate technological innovations.
    3. NEIU will pursue alternative funding to support the mission.
    4. NEIU will provide special education services sensitive to the needs of students, parents/guardians and schools.
    5. NEIU will pursue cooperative efforts with schools and other agencies.
    6. NEIU will provide school management and consultative services designed to meet the needs of schools.
    7. NEIU will provide effective communications related to carrying out its mission.