07 Oct

Guest IU19 Underground Appearance: Dr. John Collins

Over the last two years teachers in Northeast Pennsylvania have been working with Dr. John Collins, the creator of the Collins Writing Program. Multiple NEIU19 schools have implemented Collins writing district-wide with great success.

On a recent visit to NEIU, Dr. Collins stopped by the IU19 Underground “set” to share his #1 tip for student writing improvement. I could not agree more with his advise and would like to thank Dr. Collins for his work in Northeastern PA. Teachers love him…with good reason. The program works, and we’re happy to host such a good sport at NEIU19. (He found out about this video segment just minutes before our live steam.)

As always, if you have a question for a future IU19 Underground segment, feel free to ask away. And be sure to like NEIU19 of Facebook so you don’t miss an Underground episode.

John Collins at NEIU19

04 Oct

8 Digital Formative Assessment Tools to Improve Motivation

free formative assessment tools

In “8 Digital Formative Assessment Tools to Improve Motivation” Ohio district administrator Bryan Drost offers formative assessment tools to help teachers check for students’ understanding.

Digital formative assessment tools can help you motivate students to practice learning goals as a natural and ongoing part of their daily workflow.

Here are eight FREE tools he recommends:

  • Padlet www.padlet.com is a virtual wall on which students can express thoughts on a topic. It’s also possible to embed audio and video and have students join a threaded discussion.
  • Recap https://app.letsrecap.com is a video-based assessment tool that allows teachers to pose a question, have students respond with a short video recorded on a cell phone, and then get feedback.
  • Today’s Meet https://todaysmeet.com allows students to engage in live “backchannelling” while a classroom activity or video is taking place.
  • Active Prompt http://activeprompt.org allows teachers to upload any image and ask students a question about it; students move a dot on their device to indicate their answer.
  • Flubaroo www.flubaroo.com is a plug-in for Google Sheets that allows teachers to quickly score student quizzes.
  • Nearpod and Pear Deck www.nearpod.com and https://www.peardeck.com allow teachers to embed interactive assessments into a slide deck and get student responses via their cell phones.
  • Quizlet Live http://quizlet.live allows students to practice teamwork and communication skills while the teacher checks for understanding.
26 Sep

Use #EdChat on Twitter for “Micro-learning” Professional Development

If you’re on Twitter, check out hashtag #edchat for an eclectic mix of educational news and updates relevant for parents, teachers and administrators. “Micro-learning” professional development in 140 characters offers an array of information on topics that include instruction, technology, assessment and more. For example, a quick search of the hashtag pulls up the following tweets:


Unsure where to start?

If you’re new to Twitter, here’s an overview on how the #echat hashtags (and similar ones such as #edtech or #K12) can be a great way to expand your knowledge and gain valuable insights into education.

Need even more help? Visit IU19 and suggest a “how to set up Twitter for education” video tutorial in the IU19 Question/Suggestion Box.

22 Sep

Opportunities to Build Literacy at NEIU19

importance of literacy

We’re excited to announce two three-session literacy learning paths at IU19 this Fall which both begin on October 3, 2016:

  • Developing Literacy Leaders Series for Reading and Literacy Specialists
  • Enhancing the Work of Literacy Leaders Series for Title I Coordinators, Elementary School Administrators and Curriculum Coordinators

screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-9-17-10-am screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-9-17-42-am
Detailed information including dates and cost can be found on the flyers above. The goal for is to enhance the work of reading/literacy leaders and reading specialists. To register, log into the IU19 registration portal and search for your desired literacy series. If you have questions about either training, please contact Mary Lou Heron.

12 Sep

Workshop Announcement: Echoes & Reflection, Holocaust Education

In order to address Act 70 and support IU19 educators as they educate students on the Holocaust, genocide and human rights violations, NEIU will offer a one-day training offered by the Anti-Defamation League with special guest Sally Flaherty from Pennsylvania Department of Education to address Pennsylvania’s role in Holocaust education. Register here by searching “Echoes & Reflections.”

holocaust education

08 Sep

Underground at IU19: Ask Your Educational Questions

In a brand new weely Facebook Live video series, Mike Zwanch will answer educational questions, or attempt to find the answer from another expert here at IU19. If we choose your question–from ed tech to classroom practices– you’ll automatically be entered into a monthly prize drawing. Check out the inaugural video below and be sure to like NEIU19 on Facebook so you don’t miss the British-speaking, crazy sock wearing Dr. Z each week.

06 Sep

Teacher Induction at IU19: New Format

NEIU will be offering a Teacher Induction program for the 2016-2017 school year beginning September 20th. Through this program, professionals will learn about our organization, the services we provide, and the future opportunities in education through our intermediate unit. Our face to face session will be delivered by NEIU staff, and the online component delivered through EduPlanet 21. Professionals operating on a temporary Level I certificate in Pennsylvania are required to complete an induction program in order to convert their initial certificate into a permanent Level II certificate. This series will satisfy that requirement.

teacher induction

Get additional information about our teacher Induction program.

Professionals are required to attend the face to face session on September 20, 2016 and complete an online learning module in order to receive credit for induction as part of the state certification requirement.

To register for the Teacher Induction Series, please visit the NEIU website atwww.iu19.org or contact dwomelsdorf@iu19.org for more information.