06 Oct

October Meeting Handouts/Revised SLO Templates

The following handouts were provided at the CN meeting October 2, 2015:

In addition, we recently received the following information from PDE regarding SLOs:

PDE is required to demonstrate that Pennsylvania’s teacher and principal evaluation systems differentiate among teachers and principals who make significantly different contributions to growth in student learning and that 1) “the rating  systems consider prior student performance by classroom in setting targets; and (2) include safeguards to ensure that teachers are not disadvantaged based on students’ prior academic performance” (Pennsylvania ESEA Waiver, 2015). USDE defines growth as performance of students between two or more points in time. In order to comply with this federal mandate, PDE has modified the respective templates to emphasize the need for a growth SLO (attached).  PDE recognizes that many LEAs have already had their educators develop SLOs for the 2015-2016 school year and that some of those SLOs might be mastery based and set against benchmark targets. In such cases, PDE would encourage LEAs to reconsider these mastery goals and revise the SLO to demonstrate growth. (Angela Kirby-Wehr, PDE)

The following documents reflect these updates:

Question: Are the revised templates mandatory for all educators?

LEAs are strongly encouraged to consider revising their SLO to reflect growth. LEAs do not need to use the new template. However, they should go back and revisit SLOs developed for the 2015-2016 school year and include baseline data to demonstrate growth.

USDE requires that PDE collect summative evaluation data from LEAs in the annual evaluation collection.  As a result of the waiver, PDE will be required to report to USDE aggregate component specific data.  Therefore, teacher specific and elective SLO growth for teachers and principal SLO growth will be required data elements for the 2015-2016 school year data collection. LEAs will be responsible for submitting these data. (Angela Kirby-Wehr, 10/7/15)