Sign Up for the CS in PA K-8 Pathway

Hello fellow STEM lovers!
   The Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit  is proud to be partnering with IUs across the state of Pennsylvania to help K-8 educators embrace computer science! If you are a K-8 leader or educator in ANY subject or , with an interest in computer science, then consider yourself invited to join! The CS in PA K-8 Pathway is a fully virtual course, designed to help any K-8 educator better understand the WHY and HOW of computer science. No prior knowledge of computer science is required- just a passion to learn more and try new things with students! During this course, educators will work through 8 modules, designed to provide some beginner CS experiences, deepen buy-in of computer science integration, and even brings in UDL as a way to bring CS to ALL in classrooms. Each module is done virtually, and mainly asynchronously. There are four 1-hour LIVE Zoom check ins sprinkled throughout to support collaboration and learning, and opportunities for additional support from an IU mentor will be provided along the way as well. Did we mention this course is FREE, and comes with 48 act 48 hours for anyone who completes all of the modules? Module 1 opens January 3rd, and module 8 closes in mid-June, so the work is spread out and very manageable. We hope you will consider joining our Statewide Cohort to get connected with K-8 educators across Pennsylvania and gain new learning and resources to get you started on CS integration that works for YOUR classroom! Please register TODAY at:

  Reach out if I can answer any questions for you!


   Stephanie Williams